Yozusk Division

A friend gave me a challenge. Draw a Harrower! he said. Draw the Yozusk Division’s Harrower!

Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret. I have never tried to draw a spaceship (and with “never” I of course mean “not since I was a 6 year old playing with crayons”). Or even a regular ship. Not even airplanes or cars. Vehicles just are not my thing, I find them utterly boring. Which meant that this challenge really was a challenge! I spent forever just staring at the blank document, having no clue what to do.

As inspiration finally turned up however, I ended up having a whole lot of fun with it. And in the end, the only part I am not pleased with is the lettering. Looks like I got something else to practice there, huh?



Yet another SWTOR character!

Another RP character from SWTOR. Old man Thanamon! Took me longer than usual to get done, this was a tricky one. I’m not entirely pleased but hey. Practice is practice!




(As usual I show you a watermarked version. If you see this uploaded anywhere with the my symbol still smacked onto the lower left corner, the image is being used without my permission!)


A Cathar!

To carry on with the SWTOR theme, here’s another roleplay character I just finished drawing today. This time the Cathar named Lana’ina! Yes, she’s topless. *gasp* Furry tits!




(As usual, the watermark thingy in the lower left corner is NOT part of the final version. If you see this used with that thingy still on, it’s been snatched without my permission. Hope you like it though!)