And so it began…

Good day all.

The other day I thought… maybe it is time for a new blog. Yes, I know I have a crafty blog, and an enjin page, and a facebook page, and a more philosophical/spiritual blog people don’t know about. Different sides of me have come to light in different forums, which of course is only natural. When I’ve wanted to write something about the the latest crafty project, that has ended up in the crafty blog. When I’ve wanted to write something about food addiction that has ended up in the secret blog. When I’ve wanted to write something about gaming that has ended up on enjin. And so on and so on.

This blog is an experiment. It might not live long, or it will be great, that remains to be seen. The idea is that I want to try and bring the different aspects of me together in a single blog. One where I can both cry out in frustration when facing a writers’ block, and share the recipe to that lovely blueberry mead. Or share the insights of a roleplayer. Or marvel at the concept of time and space.

Maybe the lack of a single niche will mean this blog will never work. We’ll see. But see, I am not a very niched person, and I have been getting more and more frustrated at needing to split my attention into four different platforms online on which to share my thoughts. So let’s see if this works.

The design of this blog is still pretty wretched. Still trying to figure out how WordPress works. Hopefully I’ll eventually find a design that better suits the actual contents of the blog, rather than just… leaves. Pretty as those leaves may be. But for now, this will be enough.

As you may have noticed, I have chosen to write in English here. Swedish speaking friends and family will have to live with that – such a large part of my circle of friends is by now international, that I really don’t want to limit myself to Swedish here.

Replies, questions, ideas, and protests are welcome. This blog is not meant for me to just say “This is it” and for everyone else to agree. I would much rather see meaningful discussions than a bunch of people nodding and saying yes to whatever.

Hey, look! Already assuming anything I write will be interesting enough to hold meaningful discussions around! Hubris, that is.

And that, friends, is all the time I have right now. Break over, time to get back to work.

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