A Roleplay Thing – An In Character Publication from Red Knot

“You’re not supposed to be RPing…”

Words by a very sweet RP friend over skype, after I posted another Red Knot publication on guildwars2roleplayers.com. I protested, of course.

“I’m noooot!”

Of course he’s right though, even if this wasn’t RP it is definitely… RP related, at least. And I am supposed to have stopped roleplaying!

And I have stopped, a process which has gone unexpectedly smooth despite it having been my main hobby for nearly three years now. I just didn’t want to leave the writer behind this little masterpiece hanging, seeing how the publication was planned already before I decided to quit.

I am quite proud of htitle pageaving learned how to use Flipsnack, by the way! I must say, I think it looks brilliant.

I am going to blame being tired, and not go through the process of linking all the different parts in. If anyone wants to read it, you can find it at gw2rp! Go on, click that link if you want to see it, it’s quite interesting!

To just say again, I haven’t written the text itself (apart from the Editor’s Remarks), all cred to this goes to Malister. What I’ve done is just taking the text and making a pretty version of it. And letting it be published at Red Knot, which is a completely fictive publishing house in the gaming world of gw2. If that sounds strange to you, I am guessing you aren’t a roleplayer, in which case this all probably just sounds very strange to you! But well, to sum it up… A Vindication is a revolutionary manifesto written by a fictive character called The Agitator, describing the path to create a utopia they call the Commonwealth.

Remind me to explain online RP to you all some day…

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