Reaching the first hurdle. Need to keep going anyway!

I woke up this morning with an idea etched to my brain. A character. A story. Even before I was out of bed my mind was so deeply involved in the emotional development of the main character that all I knew was that I WANT TO WRITE THIS STORY!

I think I might have reached the first big hurdle in this current writing project of mine. It consists of two parts:

  1. I suddenly think that the current project is a piece of crap.


2. I think I have a much better idea.

I know this pattern though. I’ve seen it before. And you bet if I swap over to the new idea now, in a month or two I’ll be repeating the same thing. New idea. Toss out the old. Leaving me with nothing ever moving forward.

So here I am. Gritting my teeth and deciding to carry on even though I think my current project is shit. Because I really do need to finish something, for once. The new idea can wait. I have written it down, marked it as “WRITE THIS” and now… I hope that I can somehow coax myself into continuing writing even as inspiration suddenly has jumped to another ship.

*takes deep breath*

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