Woe is me.

How was that… novel going?


I am currently stuck thinking that my work in progress is such utter crap that it deserves to be tossed into the fires of Hell before anyone accidentally reads it and dies from laughing too hard.

Exaggeration? I wish.

I had a little conversation with a dear friend the other day, over Skype. It went something like this:


Me: It sucks. I’m just going to leave it because it SUCKS.

J: We’ve been through this…

Me: BUT IT REALLY SUCKS! I should write something else instead.

J: Fine. But you better finish that one.

Me: So I just read a guide on how to handle writers’ block. It said to write a crappy first draft, like REALLY make it a bad one, but finish it. To get to actually finish something. Even if it’s crap. I really should continue with the crappy project, shouldn’t I?

J: Yes. Told you so.

Me: Fuck.


That was a few days ago. Haven’t been able to write anything since because I figure I should probably work on the crappy project even though it’s crap. But… since I find it crap it’s hard to motivate myself, and then I end up doing nothing instead.

Another friend brought an interesting suggestion. Why not have a look at freelance writing instead, work on shorter pieces and try to have them published, build a portfolio and go back to working on a longer piece later?

When my husband has suggested I write short stories instead, for practice, I’ve been ready to spit fire at him. All my ideas tend to be HUGE and I want to be a “real” author, I want to get a novel published and wraaarrrrhhhgh! The mere suggestion has almost felt like an insult, you know?

Maybe I should swallow my pride and try my hand on shorter pieces instead. Even though it hurts to even mention the possibility.

Oh, and let me just apologize to my wonderful friends who get to listen to my awful ramblings about writing. One moment being all happy and enthusiastic, the next moment being frustrated and angry at how bad a writer I am. I have no idea how you manage to be patient with one like me who just never seems to be able to get anywhere, but just keeps bashing my head against the same wall over and over again.

Hm. Should I try to work on shorter pieces instead?

3 thoughts on “Woe is me.

  1. You should. Training is always good. But not before you have finished your crappy first draft. Then… and only then, should you begin on something new. Get that crappy story out of your system, then leave it in a drawer for later.

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  2. As I was told once, you are not a writer if you do not write. You are not a writer if you talk about writing, think about writing, or dream about what a hotshot writer you will be “when” you will have written your novel.

    You are a writer if you write.

    I know it sounds harsh. It sounded horribly harsh to me when I was told exactly the same thing and I got quite angry about it. But at the end of the day, nothing has ever been more true. And everyday I do not write, I tell myself I am not a writer.

    So go finish that novel and stop thinking about writing it 🙂
    – Céline

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