A bizarre dream

In the middle of the night I prodded the sleeping husband and whispered: “If I have trouble remembering the dream, remind me of the toilet.”

I didn’t have trouble remembering, as it turned out. This bizarre dream is such a good example of dream symbolism that I just have to share it with you.

I was preparing a present. It was an old book, a pretty thing from the 19th century, and a very ornate and decorative pen. A present. What do we do with presents? I brought the book and pen with me to the house where the celebrations were going on, and I went to the bathroom. Stuffed book and pen down into the toilet, and sat down to pee and poop on top of it. Somehow the toilet actually allowed flushing the whole thing down into the pipes.

Happy with the deed I went out to join the celebrations. In the dream world, this was completely normal behaviour!

Somehow the present was recovered from the toilet. Obviously it was ICKY as hell, and I helped to carefully try and wipe if clean. The book was moist and smelly, the pen as well. “I hope you… like it?”

Do I even need comment on the symbolism here? I’m treating my writing as though it’s crap. Pissing on my “gift”. Well thank you, Subconscious! Couldn’t have told me in a more obvious way!

4 thoughts on “A bizarre dream

  1. Dream-reading is a delicate art. I’d read it like this:

    You have to make a crappy first draft, even to the extent that you’re ready to just throw it all away. (The toilet scene)

    Later, you will be able to find it, and carefully clean it up into something good enough to be presented. (Cleaning up scene and giving it away)

    It doesn’t change that all good writing always come from having been crap. (Continued smell of book and pen)

    That’s what your subconscious is telling you. Get on with writing!


  2. The process of polishing a crappy first draft into a final result might finally be part of it too, though I am less inclined to think that’s the “right” interpretation of the whole. I have a hard time explaining exactly why though, but remember that what I wrote down here lacks all the details and nuances of the dream, it’s only the main theme. Looking at it from my point of view, from the inside, I’d rather say it’s about self confidence. Because it wasn’t a crappy thing being turned into a nice final product. It was a nice final product being needlessly bashed and shat on. The cleaning was more of a desperate and embarrassed attempt to salvage it. >.<

    And yes, dream interpretation is most certainly a delicate art, and one I've been greatly interested in for what, twenty years or so now? Hmm… This gave me an idea for another blog post, thank you for commenting!


  3. My pleasure. Well, maybe that delicate thing that turned needlessly bad, was the idea behind, the drive and motive to write, then you do the crappy first draft, then you remove yourself from it, only to return and make it good enough for presentation – of course, none of it would have happened without the crappy first draft.

    Of course, when I dream-interpret, I’m more of a toilet-cistern half full – kinda guy.

    In the end, I’ve mostly always had the notion that the interpretation of a dream tend to say more about the subconscious, than the actual dream. A completely random example; A person struggles with his confidence in writing, so when he have a dream involving writing, he notice all the details that support an interpretation that he is a bad writer.

    It’s a very natural thing, really. Humans are very focused on being right. In fact, we often choose to subconsciously ignore proof that we are wrong, just to we can maintain stability in our lives. Also explains why I am so very obstinate.


    1. Oh yes, it may certainly be easy to accidentally interpret the “message” as negative if looking only for critique. On the other hand it is equally easy to interpret the “message” as positive even when it may not really be, with the exact same reasoning! (Oh, and had I been looking for a negative interpretation I believe I rather would have said that the meaning is something along the lines of… My work is crap. Didn’t say that though, did I! 😀 )


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