Games, gender and a bad fruit analogy

You have a whole lot of fruit. Apples and pears, about the same amount. So you decide to divide them, you put the apples in one basket and the pears in another. You label the apple basked “fruit” and the pear basket gets to be called “pears”.

The next day you put both baskets on display. An apple lover looks into the basket labelled “fruit” and proudly states that yes, look at this! All apples. Fruit are apples. Statistically there are more apples than pears in the fruit basket, so fruit must generally be apples.

Meanwhile the pears are just as popular, if not more, but they haven’t been labelled “fruit” so who cares? They are just pears right? Apples are the real fruit, see they have the right label and everything. Pears are just pears.

Well that makes sense.

#MaleandFemaleGamers #FilthyCasuals #BadFruitAnalogy #FnyHasGoneMad

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