And then I awoke

It was a day like no other. She had known that her husband would perish, that one day his time would be up and there would be no stopping it. That terrible gift of glimpsing the future had never been worse a burden. Their children were still young, there was a daughter, still just a toddler and a son who was… five, six?

Today was that day. His time was up. She didn’t know how it would happen, but there were only hours left. The last frail hope, that she was somehow wrong, quickly turned into an acute sense of fear and grief.

Reality shuddered and she saw her son. The blonde boy came wandering down the mountain, towards her. It wasn’t real, just a vision. Again, the mountain, the boy.

Terror struck hard. She knew what such a vision meant. Her son was going to die as well, and soon. Today.

In a state of panic she started looking for them, husband and son both. She hadn’t expected to loose them both, not now, not yet! Where were they?

The memory of the vision flickered through her mind. The mountain. The boy.

No, this couldn’t be. But it was. Desperately she went outside to search. Their home was by the edge of a forest with great big trees, just beneath the mountain. Wrapped up in anxiety she noticed the neighbouring farmers were busy taking down the trees just outside their garden, several towering trees were already down and another was on the way. Suddenly she knew how it was going to happen, how her husband would die. Crushed under a falling tree. It was happening, any moment now.

Terrified she went towards the forest, trying to get a glimpse of her husband. Where was he? She didn’t want to lose him, not yet.


And then I awoke. Sadness and grief burned inside me, I was close to tears. I told you that my dreams are back, didn’t I? It’s not only pleasant, I’m afraid.

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