Scrambled brain

This is interesting. I have now tried again and again to write a decent blog post about the current refugee crisis and the rising nationalism we see here. For some reason I keep deleting it before posting.

Am I reluctant to touch an uncomfortable subject? Hell no. I just seem to lose the ability to write properly when I’m angry. And yes, this topic angers me. The shock of seeing people who should know better argue against helping people in need just blows my mind. Another reason why I shouldn’t try to get into politics, I’d just end up yelling at people for being idiots and/or assholes. Not very productive, I fear.

2 thoughts on “Scrambled brain

  1. Interestingly, that is pretty much what I based my local campaign on.

    Not yelling, of course. Well, only in very heated debates. But I hinted several times at politicians not knowing anything, therefore they should leave the majority of policy to the people actually educated in a field. Be that social workers, doctors, teachers, contruction workers.

    Their job should be to point out a general direction of our society, and make sure we have the funding to get there. Because in general, politicians know nothing.

    Same obviously applies to this crisis. We should help. Especially in the wealthier parts of Europe. I were touched when I heard that Serbians were particularly good at helping the Syrian refugees. Because, as it turns out, Serbians remember how it is to -be- a refugee. Is the problem that we all sit in our individual ivory towers, unable to connect with the refugees as anything but a generic mass, and not as the actual real people like you and me and that guy over there lurking your blog.

    That said, I don’t think the solution is to have all the refugees settle in the -richer- part of europe. The solution is proper refugee /cities/ closer to ‘home’. I can’t fault anyone from seeking the best possible place to seek asylum. I would do the same. Seek the place that offered my children the best possible chance of a good future.

    So, if we want to ‘handle’ the human crisis, we need to invest, not in camps but in making refugee cities, with adequate job opportunities for the parents, proper schooling for the children, chance of studying in Europe for the older children, proper quality health care for everyone. -THAT- is what is needed, if we want refugees to stop coming. And before we supply that, we have a responsibility as free thinking humans with something to spare to help the humans that come here for help.

    But what do I know, I am a wanna-be politician.

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    1. Gods know there is much that should be done. Question really is just which end to start at. To make a difference in the long run it’s not enough to just accept refugees, after all, it’s helping to make sure that people don’t have to flee in the first place. But at the same time one can’t just focus on that either, for then we miss the emergencies, the SHIT JUST GOT REAL of disasters.

      A refugee crisis when great amounts of people flee from war is not a matter of immigration, it’s a matter of evacuation. It’s a here-and-now crisis with people needing to be evacuated and put to safety. Would people be as bothered if we were to help evacuate Brits after Great Britain got hit by a massive meteor, I wonder? No, probably not. Because then it’s just a matter of emergency evacuation. Why isn’t it the same when people flee from war?


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