An angry comment on current events

Excuse me?

You are a political party with aspirations of leading this country of ours, and you go out to systematically spread false information about Sweden abroad, with the purpose of giving us a bad reputation? I’m sorry but are you nuts?

Original article in Swedish (DN)

SD are currently handing out flyers to refugees down in Greece and elsewhere in Europe. Flyers that say:

“No money. No jobs.No homes

You may have heard positive things about our country and the Swedish people. That we are friendly, generous and hardworking. This might be true, but our society is falling apart.

Our wealth is gone. We have to borrow money to provide education and basic healthcare for our citizens. Due to decades of mass immigration our previously safe country is not safe anymore. Not only do we have a very high number of shootings and gang related violence, where grenade attacks in public spaces are no longer surprising, but Sweden now also demonstrates the second highest number of rape reports in the entire world.

Sweden is temporarily helping those who flee war and terror, but we can currently only offer tents and camp beds. And you will eventually be sent back home.

Sweden is a modern Western country. Here, women and men are equal. Forced marriages and polygamy will never be accepted. Halal slaughter, wearing niqab or burqa in public places, will be forbidden in our country. “

The flyer is signed by the Sweden Democrats, SD-women and “The People of Sweden”.

I am almost at a loss for words. My goal with this blog has never been political or social commentary but after reading about this I just have to comment.

Spreading negative propaganda about the country you claim to represent is first of all just stupid.

Specifically spreading false information is just bullshit. That there are a few small areas where there are a lot of shootings and there even have been grenade attacks is NOT the same as those things being commonplace in Sweden. Making it sound like due to “mass immigration” we now have soooo many cases of rape in Sweden, that we’re at second worst place in the world? Excuse me? Our legal definition of what constitutes “rape”, which has been changed to include situations that elsewhere would not be counted as such, has nothing to do with that, you think? Alongside a greater tendency of actually reporting rape than in many, many countries – where rape is unfortunately rather commonplace? Because if you go about saying that sexual assault is commonplace in Sweden compared to the rest of the world, well you are either just incredibly ignorant, or you are just lying. Or both, probably.

Let’s see, what else. We can currently only offer tents and camp beds to refugees? Well that is just false and you know it. Granted, those who are so busy trying to burn down refugee housing are clearly trying their best at ruining what housing possibilities are out there… But while tents as temporary housing is sadly put up as a last resort it is just that – a last resort that still hasn’t been necessary to use. Which you know as well most likely so yeah, that’s just a lie.

“And you will eventually be sent back home.” Another lie. Some refugees are granted the right to stay, others not. Which you as well know, so there we go again with the lying. Unless you know something the rest of us doesn’t, some secret decision that refugees and immigrants will all be sent back to where they came from?

The last part is interesting. Not only do you blatantly assume that equality between men and women is something refugees will want to avoid, alongside forced marriages, you also claim that polygamy will never be accepted (why the hell should the state decide if people are allowed to be poly or not, by the way?), and that wearing of niqab and burqa in public places will be forbidden. Again, do you have some secret information that the rest of us don’t? Are you sure this is not just your wishful thinking?

In the end, this propaganda flyer tells us far more about you, than it does about the current refugee crisis, or about Sweden. What is the real message here? That SD thinks that spreading false public information is an acceptable way of achieving their goals.

Think about that. Now tell me if you think this is a trustworthy party.

Is today’s refugee crisis a problem? Of course it is. Wouldn’t be a “crisis” otherwise. But… what the hell?

Feeding people false information is not an acceptable way of acquiring your political goals! 

2 thoughts on “An angry comment on current events

    1. I completely agree. Why are they wasting time systematically spreading false information when they could be achieving their political goals by pointing out the actual facts. ONE OF THE PARIS BOMBERS HAVING A SYRIAN REFUGEE PASSPORT FOR EXAMPLE


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