Multiple accounts

I woke up to find an unexpected comment to my article about ERP, waiting to be approved. Since the intent of the comment seems to be to expose me as a hypocrite (?) I might as well go on to explain it all from scratch. Better I give the full picture before the person decides to spread things elsewhere and people jump to conclusions they shouldn’t. If you then think worse of me for it, well then that’s how it is I suppose.


Multiple accounts

Yes, I have several accounts that have been used for RP. Not just on gw2 but also on TESO. There are two main reasons for this, one being a desperate need for casual RP on an account where no one knew it was me, where I could log on to RP without pressure, without being met by expectations. The other being the wish to play certain characters without having to deal with unpleasant reactions.



When I was a complete noob in the RP world, when I didn’t know anyone and was still trying to learn how the community works, I had an idea for a character. Blue eyed and naive I presented my idea to the RP community on gw2rp: I want to make a prostitute character, I said. Where focus wasn’t on ERP but on exploring the character seriously. Digging into the issues of the darker and less pleasant sides of the IC community.

The following day I had to ask the moderators to delete that forum post. The reactions I got were just too unpleasant, I was accused of OOCly selling erp, basically being a cyber whore, I was told it was immoral and terrible, and that I should be banned.

Saddened by the response I put aside my character idea. I was entirely serious about my RP already as a noob, and did not want to get branded by the community as a cyber whore.


Half a year later

I created a second account. I was still just learning the ropes, getting to know the RP community, and I was still scared that if I created a character that was too provocative I would be slut shamed, shunned by the community and excluded from this amazing hobby I had come to love. So, I made a secondary account for more provocative ideas. For a little while I thus came to play an IC prostitute, casually on the side of my main.

So yes, the initial reason for creating the secondary account was that I wanted to explore provocative characters without being slut shamed and excluded. It quickly became something else though. The Sneaky accounts (I say accounts because it’s not just on gw2!) became my refuge when things were too stressful on my main account, it became the account I would log on to when wanting actual casual RP without expectations. And as such, it was amazing. Suddenly I could log on and go IC without being instantly claimed for this or that, it was quiet, peaceful.

Since then I have used secondary accounts not just to play a prostitute character. I’ve had beggars and pickpockets, low-lives lurking silently at the outskirts of RP, some friendly and some not so friendly. I’ve used Sneaky to venture into other servers and explore RP in other circles, and sometimes to stir up RP where it was unexpected. I’ve played villains created specifically to give good guys someone to hunt down (one especially ended up stirring up a really neat plot over on TESO), and enjoyed having a safe account from which I could just relax.


The whore

Today, when I am no longer a scared noob, I am not ashamed of my IC prostitute. Several of my closest RP friends know about the Sneaky account as well, playing that sort of character is not actually something I am scared to admit.

Sadly, to a large extent my initial worries have turned out to be valid. A person playing a character who resorts to anything, including selling her body, can expect ridicule and shaming. Even though I have played my Sneaky accounts just as seriously as my regular main characters, my Sneaky account has been met by quite devastating reactions at times. Slut shaming is real, folks. I am not going to repeat here all the nasty comments and reactions my sneaky account has received just because of the character’s IC profession, but trust me when I say, it’s not pleasant stuff.



I absolutely hate secrecy. I’m also a terrible liar. This has lead to me actually telling a few close RP friends about the Sneaky account over the years, not many have known but a few.

You who this morning decided to out me, to let people know that I have had Sneaky accounts… I can only assume your purpose is to damage my reputation in the RP community. Expose me as a hypocrite maybe? Seeing how I publically have taken a stance against those who would claim ERP is something shameful, yet have kept my prostitute character secret? Well. Had I officially spoken out against ERP and publically been against such ghastly immoral practices, it most certainly would have been hypocritical of me to secretly keep such a character myself. But that isn’t the case. There is no shame here.

I am just sad that you have now taken away my safe haven, my chance to RP without anyone knowing it’s me, without all the pressure and expectations that follow. I’m sad that some may be upset about the secrecy.

To sum it up. I don’t give a fuck about people knowing I have played an IC prostitute. But damn you for deciding to take away my chance at relaxed, casual RP without pressure and expectations.


Thank you.




7 thoughts on “Multiple accounts

    1. As long as, which Kosowo here below also pointed out, multiple accounts aren’t used to metagame I don’t see a problem with it either. It’s also terribly practical if one is able to actually create a temporary NPC character rather than just emote one for specific events, but that’s a whole different story. x)

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  1. In my personal opinion I don’t care if someone have multiple accounts or not as long as their RP is serious. There is a risk of meta but serous RPers don’t meta, and as far as I have seen you are serious RPer, I wonder if I met you in TESO.


    1. If you were around the first six months or so after TESO launched it’s quite possible! Especially if you were hanging around Stormhaven, which was my main stomping ground, though I did pop my head in elsewhere too.


      1. I was once or twice in dregs during my first 6 months. I had blast RP in my bosmeri guild on AD. I had my try in GW2 but did not manage to find a RP, at all… Feel free to poke me if you find yourself in Wayrest, I tend to RP there now.


  2. I can well relate to the wish of having some anonymity to ‘breathe’ every now and then within an mmo. Sadly GW2 does not grant this because of Anets policy of publicly linking the characters to an account. I find it irritating at times. I find it always rubbing my need of privacy the wrong way.

    I roleplay close to what seems like a ‘hyper’ social, happy character while being somewhat of a recluse myself irl. I love roleplaying and testing my social limits in various ways, though in my opinion the less ooc involved, the better (apart from the obvious, a.k.a. asking the other party ooc if things get out of the normal comfort zone, though that is another topic entirely. Even then I find emote/ic courtesy being often enough to figure out what goes and what doesn’t, in given context).

    I do not believe in burning bridges for virtually no reason at all so I feel it unwarranted to tell other people to f* off simply because I don’t feel like talking just then, ooc wise, yet the whispers keep coming, even from the strangers behind the characters my character deals with.

    Whether we want it or not, we are labeled according to what kinds of characters we play. I am presumed to be a chatty nice person just because my character is one, and it happens so often I find it increasingly amusing (in a controversial, sarcastic way naturally “Oh gods not one of these guys again with their :3’s and :D:D:D’s. *facepalms*”).

    Sometimes I would just love to log in to the game I otherwise enjoy (yes, I play mmos’ pve too, alone for the most part. Yes, there is an explanation for it but this is already getting too long) without someone knowing it is me, yet I do not wish to create a secondary account either. My precious achievements, see.

    Despite the ramblings here and the fact that I do not see eye to eye with all you’ve written, I do hope you will get your breathing space. I hope you will get to find and enjoy the rp you want and explore things you find worth exploring through it.

    All I know is that we are all different, yet the internet is full of people who feel entitled to plaster their opinions on others and deem them criminals if they do not agree. Not to mention how many get angry over things other people say or do, without the slightest of efforts towards taking responsibility for their own feelings and reactions instead.

    Take heart, you are the only person you need to make happy, just try not to do so at the expense of others ;).


    1. Thank you for those encouraging words! Want to know something silly though? I sit here nodding and thinking yes, spot on, thank you – and then in the end I still can’t help jump in my seat and get childishly curious of what it was you didn’t agree with. Yes I am that bad.

      And yes, precious achievements… And even worse, all the skins one has unlocked that suddenly become unavailable because wrong account… now THAT is frustrating!

      The OOC social aspect really is both good and bad. I love the friendships I’ve formed, I love talking to my RP buddies both in-game and out of the game, and really would not want to be without it. But it’s good to have the option, of actually being invisible now and then, to get that quiet and calm time too. At least for introverts like myself who have such a need to crawl away and hide in a cave of solitude now and then to just rest up.

      In the end, what you say is spot on. We’re all different and have different ideas about how things should be done. And that’s alright. I will admit I have never quite managed with the idea of only needing to make myself happy though – I have that constant urge to try and make others happy too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Can’t do more than try anyway.


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