Apple mead experiment

Experimentation time!

We’ve done regular mead. We’ve done blueberry mead and wild raspberry mead. Glögg-mead too (don’t ask me to translate that). Never apple mead though! So, about time!

As usual I’m silly and opposed to using a tried and tested recipe. What would be the fun in that?

This experimental mead batch, going under the name Cecilia, is simply made by adding raw applejuice to the mix of honey, water and yeast culture. I am not at all content with the amount of liquid I managed to get out of the apples, there was much more in the apple mush but with a clogged up juicer I couldn’t get it all out. I am also not too happy with the amount of apple mush (my very technical made up term for mashed apple) that ended up in the juice – I really should have filtered it as it came out from the juicer. Any sign of mould and I’ll just have to scrap the batch and try again with less mush and more clean apple juice.

Once I know how it turns out I’ll let you know!


If you who are reading this have any experience in brewing apple mead, would you care to share your experiences? Did you use whole pieces of apple or like me, just the juice? How did it turn out, good?

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