Damn cats!

Tired, so tired today. For once I am even happy to not have work to run off to, so that I can just take it slow this morning, get some extra sleep.

The cats behaved unusually tonight. Or rather, early morning, I am guessing they might have started acting up around 4 am, maybe? Normally Caspar decides that he wants to go out, and once we let him out that’s that, he’ll be gone for hours. Not this night. He went out only to come back in again a short while later, only to once more very eagerly demand to be let out again. Three times we had to let him out, and three times we had to get up and let him back in.

And Balthazar, who never wants to go out in the freezing snow, him too! At least once he as well decided he needed to get out, only to shortly thereafter demand being let back in. We tried to ignore them and just sleep on but the noise those two make when they demand something… urgh, it’s easier to just get up and do what they want. It’s either that or try to sleep while they bang a door against a cabinet like a drum, or tear out all of the books from the nearest bookshelf just to have the sound of books crashing to the floor wake us up.

A short bit later Balthazar drove me out of bed again, but strangely enough he didn’t lead me to the door. Not to the kitchen either for food, which would have been his normal demand. No, he lead me to the living room, sat down in the middle of the room and just looked up at me. I was too tired to realize he must have been trying to show me something, I didn’t look up and out the window. Just grumbled angrily and turned around, went back to bed. Again.

I didn’t sleep well once I slept either. I can’t remember much of my dreams apart from seeing how they were unpleasantly close to reality, you know the sort you get when half awake? I thought there was a man there, in our house. I saw him look in at us, take of his hat and smile.

Now, when tired but fully awake, I can’t help wondering what went on last night. The cats never behave like they did, there must have been something triggering them. I wish that in my frustrated sleepiness I would have had the sense to actually look out the window, for I am sure there must have been something there. I see some sort of tracks in the snow outside now but the snow is too deep and the tracks collapsed, I can’t make out what was actually there. But some animal it was, definitely. Pretty big too, just outside the living room window.

Now if I can just remember this until next time. Listen to the cats, look at what they are trying to show you. They aren’t just being obnoxious.



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