Not-really-a-great-review of X-Men: Days of Future Past

Since when do I do movie reviews? Uhm, I don’t really. But aaah, never too late to start. Let me try and do this without spoilers, m’kay?

In the grand scheme of things I am a fan of the X-men movies. They are the sort of movies I’ll watch when wanting something light and entertaining, true super-hero movies where you can say fuck you, it doesn’t have to be deep and meaningful, I like it anyway!

So last night we watched this latest X-men movie, Days of Future Past. It takes place partially in a not too distant future where there is all-out war between mutants and non-mutants, and partially back in the 1970s where our heroes struggle to change time and stop the big bad from ever happening. No, really this can’t be counted as a spoiler, every summary or trailer will tell you just as much!

There is much to like about this movie, there really is. Great performance from our old time favourites like Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen. Great performance from our new favourites, the younger versions of the X-men heroes (I just love the young Magneto, Michael Fassbender rocks). Great looking special effects. High paced action that keeps even me from falling asleep, as otherwise easily can happen. Plenty of moments to gasp, hiss, and laugh.

Oh and best of all, this guy here:


Yes, I just learned how to make GIFs so I of course must find an excuse to put one in here, sshhhhh! This guy here, the younger one with the goggles, is a young Quicksilver (played by Evan Peters). In my humble opinion he is the single greatest part of this movie. Well written, well played, brilliant character. Evan Peters, I think I love you for this!

So with all these good aspects, this review of mine must be positive, no?

No. I am sorry but the plot of Days of Future Past has so many logical errors that by the end I was literally flipping the middle finger to the tv and yelling foul words. Yes really, I did that. I want to love this movie, I really do. There is so much in it that tickles my happy super-hero action gene, so much to like, but then they simply… ruin it with bad, bad plot.

I will probably watch it again though, soon enough. And I’ll probably be just as angry at the end. And I’ll probably love Quicksilver just as much – seriously, well done with that one! But the movie as a whole? It suffers from a bad case of “screw logic, this is fantasy anyway so who cares?” And that we all know won’t fly, even fantasy needs to make sense withing its own universe, you can’t use fantasy as an excuse to do things badly and skip out on logic.

Repeat after me folks. Even fantasy must make sense within its own reality.




2 thoughts on “Not-really-a-great-review of X-Men: Days of Future Past

  1. I agree on the characters, most of the younger X-men are well cast. As for the straying from the in-universe logic, I remember I felt something similar.

    You don’t go into details about which particular issues you have, but one explanation that worked for me (as far as I remember, I may have to review) is that the future part of this movie is the original but to us unknown timeline.

    A war between humans and mutants is nearing its end when the mutants make a desperate attempt to change history itself. And the changed world they eventually end up with, is the Marvel universe we have always known. In effect, the movie doesn’t actually change very much as a result.


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