Perception of time and self

Our perception of time is limited. Even with memories of the past, we still only truly see the now. And the now is merely one point of many, slipping seamlessly into the next before we know it. It is all we see, one step at a time on a path we walk on blind, with only a vague memory of what lies behind.

So easily we are fooled to believe that what we see is all there is. That the path behind us no longer exists, because we no longer see it. That the path we have not yet walked isn’t actually there yet.

Are we really that naive? It would seem so. We are no better than the thoughtless, simple creature that believs nothing can exist beyond its field of view.

If we could look at reality from the outside things might look different. It would look different. Imagine seeing things from outside of time, unlimited. Just as how the path you walk on doesn’t seize to exist when you have moved on, the past doesn’t vanish. It is still there. The future is there as well, for why would it not be?

Our viewpoint in the here and now is limited, but that doesn’t mean that reality is. It doesn’t mean that existence is. It doesn’t even mean that we are. Who are you? You are not only now. The you right now, the you your mind is aware of this very moment, is only a tiny fraction of the actual you. The actual you is the whole, over every point of existence unlimited by time.






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