Just a Dream -Inked Hands

Just a dream


I felt weak. Cold and weak, I could not tell why. I laid down to rest but it didn’t help, it kept getting harder to focus my gaze and I wondered, had I fallen ill?

My hands felt cold, and they were tingling. I reached out for those around, touched their skin, asked if they could feel it, how strangely cold I was?

As I looked at my hands, they changed. Were those veins, turning black underneath the skin? Dark, lines were appearing, fading into existence. Not veins, I soon saw. Not veins, but swirling symbols, lines and dots, covering my hands.

They faded again, but my hands were still tingling. I could still feel it. When I looked closely I could see the faintest trace returning, those dark lines were still there, barely visible. I took a deep breath and set my mind to bringing them back. There they were, appearing again, as clear as day.

My concentration wavered and they started to fade, I could not hold it for long and soon my hands looked normal. The symbols were still there though, I could feel them.



I awoke, with a strange tingling sensation in my hands. Not painful, not unpleasant, merely strange. It still hasn’t passed.



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