Toilet issues – are you joking?

I thought it was a joke when the husband told me about it. I thought he was exaggerating and making it up. A quick google search later and I was just stunned. No joke, it’s real.

Around here, public toilets are generally unisex. (At least it we’re talking actual enclosed bathrooms where you have the entire little room to yourself, and not just the sort where you cram twenty toilets into the same room, separated by flimsy half-walls.) So if you are at say, the university campus and you need to tinkle, you don’t need to pick a toilet adhering to your gender, you just go. A toilet’s a toilet, there’s no difference.

For some reason though, a new and special toilet was opened yesterday at one part of the Uppsala University. This special toilet is made for those identifying as neither man nor woman, but rather as trans. It contains such things as makeup, nailpolish, feminine hygiene products and razors, and I was told there was a nice big full body mirror as well. They held a grand opening yesterday, brought in a performance artist with wings attached to his back, and had metal tits with spikes for nipples.

Of course the intention is good, it’s likely an attempt at bringing hbtq issues to light and acknowledging trans people’s rights. But… come on, this is not just silly, it’s counter productive.

Transgender people are just people. How in the world would they benefit from being portrayed as different to the point where they need separate bathrooms in a building where all other bathrooms are unisex? Separate bathrooms with nailpolish and razors? Do they somehow think that if you are transgender you have a special need to paint your toenails and use a public toilet for personal grooming?

Now, I am laughing. If I was transgender though, I would probably be furious. This is not good. The transgender population is not helped by being portrayed as having special bathroom needs in the form of makeup and extra luxurious mirrors. We’re talking regular people needing to tinkle, not drag queens preparing to go on stage. Regular people. Please stop with the silliness and just remember that.

The winged performance artist with spiky metal tits


2 thoughts on “Toilet issues – are you joking?

  1. I believe the reason is the transgender folks pushed for it, so they can feel different and special. heh.

    kids these days /shakes fist

    but thats my two cents.


    1. I don’t think so, not at all. Actual trans people aren’t who they are in order to be “different and special” after all, it’s just a matter of which gender they identify as!


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