Just another dream – Iran

Just another dream. Unexpected, but strangely calming to wake up from.



Reports came in from Iran, there had been an uprising. An uprising the local leadership hadn’t seen coming, had never imagined a possibility. Women were at the core of the rebellion, I saw them cheering, dancing in the office of the highest religious leader of the land. They still wore their niqab’s, but hints of colourful traditional skirts were peeking out from under the black robes. They were setting fire to the strict religious rules.

The streets were flooding of celebrating people, men and women alike. Some wore homemade, colourful wings attached to their backs as a statement, made from paper, scraps of fabric, even leaves? It was said the uprising was spontaneous and sudden, but I just looked at those wings and thought… no, not spontaneous. It would have taken time, building and preparing those wings. Not spontaneous, but planned and thoroughly prepared, in secret.

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