I never paid much attention to the goddess called Nótt. Or Natt, as we would call her in current Swedish. Goddess of the Night. A few days ago I found myself looking for her though, looking to understand and if possible connect.

Who is she? I recall her being “simply” a personification of the night, which before has lead me to think of her as a symbol rather than as an actual deity. But was I wrong to think that?

A quick search will tell you of her three marriages, who her men were and who she gave birth to. That seems to be the staple information, and it frustrates me. Yes, it’s pretty damn cool that she’s supposed to be Thor’s grandmother, but what does that tell me about her? Nothing. Or well, not very much, at least.

What else?

Of course she has a deep connection with sleep and dreams. That alone should be enough to spark my interest. But she is also said to be connected to creativity and writing in particular – and there is definitely something of interest to me. I still haven’t found out why exactly, and can’t point at a source, so if you who read this know more… tell me! I want to know what this connection to writing particularly is based on, originally.

Anyway, as usual when I wish to open up for connecting with a new deity, I decided to dedicate a candle to her, and to bring a first offering of wine. And so I did the other night, I went out to the woodland shrine, lit her candle and gave a goblet of dark red wine. It was too bright outside, the summer night holds very little darkness, but the intention was true and I hope it opened up for a connection. That’s really all one can hope for in a first “meeting” anyway, if you ask me. At that early point there is no reason to try and achieve anything other than an open door, so to speak. Or perhaps just finding the door, and knocking on it.

So, we will see. A connection to develop, hopefully. If you who read this have given thought to Nótt, from a spiritual OR academic side, please leave a little message and say hello! I’m interested in hearing any and all you have to say about her.



5 thoughts on “Nótt

    1. Thanks! Any chance of linking that page to me? I have been so very curious of reading something of others’ experiences with Her, but so far found next to nothing. So that would be very interesting to see!

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      1. I am using Simek’s Dictionary of Northern Mythology which cites the Eddas and Sagas. Gylfaginning 9 talks of Narfi and Lokasenna is cited as a reference also, whilst Nott is cited from vafthruthnismal and Alvissmal. I hope that helps.


      2. Ah thanks, I got the original references already though! I’m just curious about other modern practicioners’ experiences with Nótt, as I’ve not actually encountered anyone else dealing with her. She’s quickly growing to be a vital part of my own practice, so… curiosity? x) Thanks though!


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