Without vision, without words

IMG_2801 (2).JPG

Last night I dreamt that I was showing a blind woman to the shrine. She couldn’t see it but she could feel. We went up together, ran our fingers through the soft moss growing on the cold stone, amazed at the three different kinds all growing there. One softer, smooth as silk to the touch, another more coarse but just as vibrant. The third we did not touch.



I continue my exploration of Nótt. For the first time in my heathen practice I feel the pull in a different way. Like perhaps I found the one among many that I belong to. I feel strongly for others, Odin being one of the foremost, but not even with Him does it feel quite like this. There is a connection here. I am learning things at a far more rapid pace, it feels almost like having taken a dive into deep waters and suddenly being submerged in a wholly different aspect of reality. One that has been there all along, just under the surface.

Every time I try to speak of what I learn I feel a heavy pressure in my chest, a very physical experience that tells me no. I don’t know if I should not speak of it yet, or if I should not speak of it at all, but apart from that the message is clear. I may speak of this, my search, but not of what I find.

I look forward to seeing where this leads me.

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