Yes, I got bit by the PoGo bug

Yes, I got bit by the PoGo bug. Actually it was very much on purpose, because I need to get out and move around more. Turns out Stockholm is a bloody brilliant Pokemon hunting ground, with lure modules everywhere and tons of people on the prowl for these imaginary creatures, so that was interesting to see. Now, I don’t live in Stockholm. I don’t live in a city at all. So unfortunately around me PoGo looks less like a vibrant hunting ground, and more… well, like this.




In a 7 km walk around the area I get a grand total of 2 pokestops, and a handful of weedles, rattatas and pidgeys. If lucky. Oh, and my AR mode doesn’t work, because for some reason my brand new Samsung X-cover’s gyro isn’t working as it should. But even so I really like it!


My main critique is that there’s so goddamn little to find in the countryside. With a game that’s supposed to encourage moving about and exploring one would think it should actually encourage people to go outside of the usual citys streets, and actually explore! But no, it’s the other way around. You gotta get into town to really find anything, unfortunately.

Also, they really do need to add player vs player battles outside of gyms. But I am told that’s coming, so not going to complain about that. There also really should be some sort of experience gain for fighting even if you don’t actually win, to encourage you to at least try even if you know you’re not going to win. Even if it’s just a tiny bit of exp, it should be there! And! Do I even need to mention the issues with how rapidly it drains you battery? Terrible.

This is me at home. The only way of finding anything near my house is by luring the critters to me! Yes, as you can see I live in the middle of nowhere.


So, there are points that should have been done much better, I think. And I haven’t even mentioned yet that I don’t actually like Pokémon! I would much much rather have played something like… Star Wars Go or Guild Wars Go. Let me run around IRL to level up a ranger and fight monsters, and I’ll be much happier! But even so, I do enjoy PoGo a whole lot and I’ll likely be continuing while keeping my fingers crossed for improvements, and options that are more in line with my gaming interests.

And lastly, the game has given me blisters under both feet. Ouch. But, worth it!

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