Nighttime me is back

Some of you might recall how I said, my dreams are returning. For a long while they were gone, probably as a result of depression and stress, but a while ago I found them to slowly be coming back.

I dare now say that they are not just coming, they are back. The last steps seem to have been those I took after finding Nótt and starting on her path, and now… my nights are as vibrant as they were all those years ago before my mind succumbed to illness and despair.

I’m back.


Perhaps I should go back to keeping a dream journal, as I did during my teenage years. No, I don’t think I should, it takes too much time – the hour or two I would need to write it all down each day I need to keep for my other writing, at least at the moment. Even so I remember fondly the dream journals of my past, and I am very happy to have them. From the silliest glimpses into my younger brain, to the profound messages that changed my life.


Want to have a sneak peek into my old dream journals? Here, have a look. I quite like the illustrations, they work almost better than text to let me remember it all.

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