But what is the nothing? Part II

“But… what?!”

You know that blog post I wrote this morning? The husband read it moments after it was published, with confusion.

“But no, it’s wrong!” he said. “It’s not empty in between the stars. It’s not nothing.”

My physicist husband flailed his arms widely.

“It’s not empty!”

“I know!” I responded with equally flailing arms.

“It’s not empty, not even in between atoms it’s empty! It’s just more spread out! Imagine the universe as a gas, that’s just not as dense in between…”

“I know!”

“So what’s the problem?!”

“You don’t understand the question either, don’t you?”

“But it’s not empty!”

“I know! That’s not the point!”

He looked at me with confusion. We both flailed our arms.

“Not even adult you can formulate the question so that it’s understood!” he blurted out in a loud accusation.



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