Progress? Progress!

Anyone been wondering how my writing is coming along? Of course you have, what in the world could be more interesting? ^^

I think I dare say that it’s coming along nicely. I even dare use the word progress, as I seem to have settled in with a writing routine that keeps me steadily moving onwards even when energy and inspiration is lacking.

Strangely enough it’s all based on little scraps of time that otherwise would go to complete waste. I’m talking bus rides, and waiting times. Sounds ridiculous, right? But no, for me it works better than anything else I’ve tried.

I get on the bus, power up the laptop, and start writing. Twenty minutes later I pack up (the last ten minutes are less pleasant to work during, too many twists and turns in the road gets me nauseous) and I’m done. The same principle goes for the way back home in the afternoon. Add some waiting time before even getting on the bus, which at the moment is another half hour or more.

Sounds stressful? It’s not. Quite the opposite, I find it immensely relaxing. Short time spans mean I get going right away, I don’t get stuck overthinking things or getting distracted – I just write. There’s not even time to read over what I’ve done before, which means I don’t end up wasting my time in self consciously editing over and over and over again. Yes, a lot needs to be edited. Later. Now is not the time. Later. Now, I just need to carry on.

Furthermore, the short sessions are exactly right for someone like me who has a general lack of energy. I’m much, much better than I once was but even now I get home from my 6 hour workday with barely enough energy to drag myself to the couch. I’m not kidding, I try to be social and actually do things after work but I still can’t, not yet. Getting through those 6 hours is enough of a challenge. Hopefully in time this will change, but for now it’s what I have to work with.

So, I use the little time when I’m bound to be active anyhow – there’s no choice as I’m on the way to or from work – when the option would be to just… sit and wait.

It’s not quick work, but it’s steady. And I am getting further than I ever have before in any of my writing projects, I’m gaining momentum and actually daring to hope for once!

As for the text itself… It will need a lot of work. But it’s just a first draft, so I am telling myself that it’s fine. It’s allowed to be crap at this point. The important thing is carrying on anyway, to actually get somewhere.

So, progress!




2 thoughts on “Progress? Progress!

  1. I also love writing on the bus to and from work. Vacation has been terrible for outward productivity, although I hold a tiny hope that a new crop of ideas has subconsciously matured enough to be harvested during the coming season.

    In any case, it’s nice to hear that someone else writes like I do! Also let me know if you need a beta reader when your draft is done, or a cheap editor if you’re writing in English, I feel like I learn a lot from reading other people’s works in progress.


    1. Careful, I might just hold you to that offer! =D Seriously, it would be much appreciated. It will be quite a while until then though, I’m afraid. Lots and lots left to do!


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