Quota, Pressure, Writing, Pain, oh dear!






No, I am still not going to push a daily word quota into my schedule. I have good days and bad, and my writing habits reflect that too much. I am however at a place where I think I dare implement a weekly quota!

I am tempted to set it to 5000 words per week, but I think I might have to start with 2500 because… well… rough times right now with IVF and increased work hours means I really don’t know how much energy I’ll have left for writing, and I don’t want to do myself the disfavour of implementing a regime I can’t keep.

So, 2500 words per week for now. With a bit of luck that will work so well that I soon can up it to 5000 with more confidence behind the decision.

It’s not a lot, no. 1000 per day is often mentioned as a good daily quota, so 2500 a week is a bit low, isn’t it? Yeah it is. But taking into account everything going on, my mental and physical health as well as my work situation? I’m just not going to push it, not yet.

And speaking of quotas, I had one for last week. My goal was to reach the 35 k limit and I must admit, I really did not think I was going to make it. Not when I was spending too many hours in pain, shaking and crying from horrendous cramps and fearing this ivf effort will all be in vain. But last night I did manage to pull myself together and write despite that, and somehow I reached the goal. I even reached a bit further than expected and landed on 35200. Woo, victory! *waves flag*

Now is a new week however, and I must admit I have no clue on how to write this next part of the story. I am…. stumped, to be honest, there are details I need to figure out before I can put them to words, so time will have to be spent planning rather than writing. But then again I should write as well because I really should not stop. And *points up* word quota! There’s a reason for that and spending time planning and storyweaving is not an excuse not to write as well!

So, here we go. Let’s do this.


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