What am I doing?

Have you noticed how this blog flows back and forth between a few topics? Sometimes it seems to be all about writing. Then it shifts and my faith is at the center. All of a sudden it changes again and it’s all about gaming, RP especially. I know it’s not how you are “supposed” to manage a blog. You are supposed to narrow in on a main subject because it helps you get a focused group of readers who know what they will find when they come to your blog. Narrow and focused is good, broad and varied is messy.

Well, I am a messy person. The point of this blog is not to get as many readers as possible but to be able to express myself in my own space. My place, my rules. I am not neat and focused so neither will the blog be.

But! I do wish it was more easily navigated. I have ideas of how I would like the blog to look, with more clearly separated sections for each of my main topics. It should almost be like several different blogs contained under one umbrella, preferably separated by different colour codes and icons too.

Unfortunately I have no clue how to do that. I have many talents but managing web pages is not one of them. In fact I am pretty much an idiot in all things computer related. So I’m sorry, but this is how it’s going to be for a little while longer. Messy and confusing. Just like me! And with a bit of luck it might one day evolve into something a bit more structure. Probably by the help of someone who actually knows their shit. Ahem.

Until then, good luck navigating this place! Use the list on the right hand side and click on tags that interest you! And if you have any questions you can just toss in a comment somewhere and I’ll respond, promise.

And lastly, thank you for reading this! I greatly appreciate you all and hope to see you here again.

Lots of love


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