The Morning After

So far so good, the procedure yesterday went well! I got enough morphine to be comfortable so the dreaded pain wasn’t so bad at all, doctors and nurses were awesome and great at making us feel welcome, and a grand total of sixteen eggs were sucked out of me. So yay!

Once home the day turned less pleasant, when the meds wore off I was left with a horribly sore tummy and what’s worse – horrible nausea that stayed with me aaaaaaaall day. Not sure if that was due to yesterday’s procedure, or is a side effect of the hormone treatment that lead up to it.It was unpleasant either way and I hope today will be better!

Now we wait to see how it all went. Friday is the big day so I will likely be updating you then on any news. Until then I am going to try and stifle the nausea, forget the soreness, keep writing, keep working, and hope for the best.

I feel hopeful!

The Morning After, a beautiful new day




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