You know I was all happy and optimistic in the last post, The Morning After? Not so fun times since then I’m afraid, yesterday the nausea had me going from work early and today the pain just kept growing so finally I ended up with an emergency visit to the hospital. Because nothing can work just as it’s supposed to, right?

They’ve stung me with needles and drawn blood, pushed and prodded my hurting tummy until I almost cried, and checked my insides with ultrasound. Seems like one of my ovaries are acting up, it’s all swollen and hurting, but according to the blood tests it doesn’t look TOO bad so after five hours I was sent home with painkillers that made me all woozy and orders to come back for further tests in the morning.

Right now the painkillers are taking the edge off the pain but it still hurts like hell as soon as I move about, so I walk slowly and carefully like a little old lady and have a hard time standing up straight. Fingers crossed the tests look good in the morning and the pain doesn’t keep growing!

Lastly I just want to say that I have the best husband. He was so, so sweet as he joined me at the hospital, skipping work to let me doze off with my head on his lap (drugs yo) and he didn’t even complain when he had to skip work to drive me home afterwards. Sweet, sweet husband is the best.



I’m not even going to apologize for the horribly poor writing in this post, my head is still woozy so shush!

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