Stressful Times

I know I haven’t updated the blog in a long while now, I’m sorry! Times have been stressful, as the title above suggests, and I’ve just been too much of a scatterbrain to focus. Handling a full time job is hard when lingering on the edge of mental illness. What little energy I have left I’ve tried to spend on family matters, and trying to write.

I’m officially well but still so, so frail. Even the slightest bump in the road throws me off horribly.

… and stupidly I’ve hopped on the NaNoWriMo challenge. When I’ve just barely strength to get through each work day. Goddamnit, I am a fool.

4 thoughts on “Stressful Times

  1. NaNo is fun 🙂 if you let it be fun rather than stress! It’s great to have a shared goal to aim for in company, but nobody will come round and beat you up if you don’t make your word count 🙂

    I’m doing NaNo as well, with not much of an idea this year, totally pantsing it this time!

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    1. Oh! If you want to add me as a “writing buddy” on the website I’m Fny there too (big surprise 😛 ).

      Already the social aspect has been lovely. I’m not very active on the forums but we’re a little group of roleplayers gathered in a skype group for NaNo and the daily support and chatter is wonderfully supportive.

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      1. Cool, I added you as a buddy 🙂 My first year I was very active on the forums, that seems to get less and less each year, though I still pop in and read them a bit. I see it a kind of procrastination that at least makes me feel part of nano and might inspire to write more!


      2. Added you too! Today seems to be a good day for writing actually, managed to get almost 800 words done on the bus to and from work (which to me is quite a lot of words!) and looking forward to doing a couple of word sprints with friends this afternoon. *dances*

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