Time for Glögg

It is that time of the year again. Good glögg takes a few weeks to brew (unless you are doing a quick-and-simple version and simply just putting some spices into wine) and since we want it done in early-mid december it was time!

The recipe we use is one I picked up a few years ago, when it went under the name “Dunderglögg”. As the name implies it is not quite what you offer kids around Christmas, as it packs quite the punch. I’ve never measured the alcohol content but judging by how quickly it can get you drunk I expect it’s higher than a regular wine. It’s dark, looks like shit compared to the clear and filtered store bought versions, and is just absolutely delicious. Not as sweet as glögg usually is and wonderfully spicy it’s a bit more grown-up, a bit more raw and real.

The recipe is as follows.

10 liters of what we in Sweden call svagdricka. (I’m told it’s ‘small beer’ in English but I’m not sure it’s really the same thing? It’s basically a traditional old type of very very light beer!)

2 packages of cloves

2 packages of whole cardamom seeds

2 whole cinnamon sticks

ca 10 cm of ginger, peeled and cut into chunks

10 raw potatoes, peeled and sliced

wine yeast, or baking yeast if you can’t find that

5 kg of sugar

ca 750 grams of raisins

The procedure is simple. Mix it all up in a brewing vessel and just let it stand in room temperature for a few weeks! The yeast will start nibbling on all that sugar and produce alcohol in return. After a few weeks it will stop bubbling, and that’s when you bottle it. Make sure the bottles are perfectly clean and the seal is good and tight, get it right and you’ll be able to store the glögg för years. In fact it just seems to get tastier if it’s been resting for a year or two, so don’t be afraid to make too much of it.

So now… we wait and let the yeast do its thing.

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