A Comment

 One last comment in regards to the whole election business and controversy, then I’ll try and stay off it.
First, let me say that as you might have guessed I am downright appalled by the choice the American people made. I understand the anger, the disappointment, the fear we see now as a result among those who are against Trump because I feel it too. But, and this is heavily important, don’t let those sentiments rule.
There are many who think Trump supporters are all a bunch of racists and misogynists who deserve nothing better than hell. That is just not true. Yes Trump has gathered a whole lot of unpleasant people by his side, there are white supremacists and fascist scum there, but there are also a LOT of people who voted for Trump who aren’t. A lot voted for Trump because they think the option is voting for corruption and a privileged elite. A lot voted for Trump because they value freedom and think that only the right wing of politics can give that. A lot of people voted for Trump because they think that the US should stop interfering with military action in other countries, because while the goal may be noble it also creates suffering and continued war. Please remember that before you judge all of Trump’s voters to hell, a whole lot of them are in fact good people who – while probably often seeing that Trump personally is a complete ass – also think that the option is even worse.
Protests are already happening. Some are turning violent, unsurprisingly. Please just don’t. Speak up, yes. Let voices and opinions be heard. But also remember that it is absolutely vital to accept the result of a democratic election. One of the worst aspects of Trump’s candidacy as far as I’m concerned has been his anti-democratic tendencies, the refusal to accept a potential loss and the dangerous denial of the fairness of the election itself – if it wouldn’t go his way. Now he won, and of course he isn’t questioning the fairness of the election. The Democratic side now needs to make bloody sure they aren’t the ones to fall down that trap. No, the election wasn’t rigged. No, it’s not a hoax. He won. If you think that you can safeguard democracy by invalidating a democratic election you need to take a step back and think again, that is not how it works.
Want to do something? Get involved in politics and look at the NEXT election. Oppose bad political suggestions using fair and legal methods, not by harassing Trump voters and getting aggressive. Meet the opposition as you wish they would meet you. This is the challenge of democracy folks, to accept when the vote doesn’t swing your way. Letting loose aggression and turning to anti-democratic and violent means of protests are not going to make it better, only worse.

3 thoughts on “A Comment

  1. Agreed. Sadly, I don’t see that happening any time soon. I hate the result myself, but I can also understand the violence, though I don’t condone it. But I always enjoy your blog. Keep it up.


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