A Dream of Music and Grief

I rarely dream music, beyond the occasional little snippet. This one was different. Longer, and hit me harder, left a musical/emotional impression that I wish I could share in a better manner than this brief description.


I knew this song, didn’t I? I must have heard it before. George Harrison wrote it during the Beatles era, a little voice at the back of my head said. Along with the music were moving images, a music video of sorts. I witnessed it from within, followed closely and was struck by the pain in both song and sight. 

The words were those of a brother, about his sister. They had grown up together. Happy children at first but then everything had changed as war came. He had seen it as his duty to pick up arms and do his part in a conflict that grew ever more foul. A terrorist they called him. He saw it as war, fighting because he had to, for what was right. 

She picked up arms too to join the fight. Through the brother’s eyes I saw them huddled behind a broken wall in the midst of battle, clutching their rifles and waiting for a chance to shoot at the enemy. There was only blood and pain. The brother looked at his sister with a grieving gaze. How it could have come to this. Had it only been him he wouldn’t have questioned it, but when even his sweet and loving sister… 


The melody was slightly reminiscent of a song from Jesus Christ Superstar, one of Judas’ songs. The sound was all Harrison though, meditative and soft, yet also profound and heavy. It was beautiful and sad, so very sad.



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