Best Served Warm

Did you know the best way to drink blueberry mead is warm?

Preferably bit a bit of added sweetener (honey or worst case sugar) if it’s not already sweet enough.

Absolutely delicious.



Next time I make blueberry mead I’ll try to remember to write down the proportions for you, so a proper recipe can be given. Until then I can only give a vague description, which in all fairness can be good enough if you already know your way around mead brewing.

What I do is simple. When time comes to start a new batch I get loads and loads of blueberries into a pot and heat it up, as if about to make jelly or lemonade. I mush it about a little but not too much, there’s no need to do much. It’ll get nice and juicy anyway! I then strain it to get all the skins and more solid stuff out, leaving just the raw, fresh blueberry juice.

Then, it’s just a matter of taking the regular mead recipe and replacing water with that fresh blueberry juice, as much as there was of it. As many liters of fresh blueberry juice added, as many liters of water subtracted from the standard recipe. The brewing process is then just the same as usual!

And, as I started out with… the result is best served warm. Definitely recommended during the cold season ahead. Yum!

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