My Guilty Pleasure

I’m going to show you something different today. My guilty pleasure. Something that makes my heart skip a beat and turns my cheeks red with excitement. Something that makes me reach for my wallet swifter than even the most delicious chocolate.


Old books.


Gods how I love them. The older the better. I don’t care about monetary value, I don’t care if they are rare or common, or if they are in perfect condition or close to falling apart. I don’t even care if I am able to read them or not.

I love the feel of it under my fingertips. I love the scent as I carefully open it. I love the marks of time. The hands that have held it. The mind that once wrote it. The little notes people have left in them, names and comments. The pieces of a world long gone.


Some are just beautiful. Some are cute beyond compare, like that tiny one you see in the picture with the pencil.


Some have been scribbled on so many times over the years that you can barely make out what it says. Some are old bibles and prayer books, others are schoolbooks. Some are notebooks written by hand giving information about spendings, recipies, or just about anything that might have been of interest in the 1800s.



Look at this one below. It’s absolutely tiny as well. Forget-me-not, Picked in God’s Garden. It doesn’t have a publishing date but considering the notes made within I’d say mid-1800s. The notes… Names and dates. Birth dates. Death dates. Marriage dates. And not just that, can you see? An old leaf. An old butterfly.




Here, more. Each leaf or flower left between the pages remind me of the person who once held, read and perhaps cherished the book. It is a reminder of life.


That last one tugs at my heart. A note on the back of the folded paper identifies where the flower was picked. From Auntie Oscara’s grave.



This is the oldest piece I have. Not actually a book, it’s just a little pamphlet from 1752. oldbook21


One last example. See the one below? It’s a book detailing how girls should behave. It has neat little underlined passages marking out especially good advice, like this one here that explains how a cheerful mind is the best help in any task. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well this being from when it is, it also contains rather… constricting rules on everything from how one should walk down a city street without looking either left or right, how to dress and how to speak to boys. It is adorable and scary at the same time.



I have more, and will probably just keep adding to the collection. As you can tell it’s for me not as much about the literary work as it is about the past, about the people who once owned them and the little window into their existence that they provide. And that, that I just can’t get enough of. They are my treasures. Absolutely worthless in terms of money but aah… I love them.

2 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure

  1. I share this too 🙂 love old books! And Victorian magazines. Sunday school prizes from 100+ years ago. Old photographs too, especially if the person’s name is written on it. And even old letters. I find them hard to resist 🙂 Thank you for sharing some of your collection.

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