Too Tired to Title

The last couple of days have been difficult. Anxiety has clutched to my chest like a frantic alien parasite, clawing its way into my body and ripping me apart from the inside. A most painful experience, I assure you.

It’s getting a bit better though, and I feel almost back to normal again now. (Which you might have guessed from the mere fact that I managed to write more than five words in a row!) So, on to lighter thoughts!

Winter is here, and so devotion has turned to Ullr yet again. I have been reading what I wrote about Him last year, revisiting old ideas, lighting His candle in a snowy shrine, and meditated. What conclusions I reached last year still feel true, even more so now in fact. As I write these words now my chest feels warm, swelling with appreciation and respect for the bright and beautiful. Since yesterday I have been considering making something, crafting something inspired by him, for him. Nothing is decided yet though, so far it is just ideas. Hopefully though, I’ll be able to tell you more about it later. It’ll involve needle and thread, that much I’ll say.

Until next time, be well! I… am going to bed. Night ya’ll.

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