Past and Present

I’ve always said it: There is no difference between people then and people now. We shouldn’t look at ages past as distant, at our ancestors as somehow less evolved, for in the ways that truly matter we are the same.

I’ve always said it, but it’s not until now that I think I understand it.


It’s funny, that difference between knowledge and understanding. As long as you only have the former you don’t actually see that you lack the latter. Only when the understanding strikes do you see what you were missing.


Who goes out in search of something they think they already have?

Knowledge is deceptive that way.


On the other hand, knowledge is easier to pass on. Understanding though? No words can cover it, it has to be felt.


Times have changed, and at the same time they haven’t. People are the same. We are the same. We haven’t changed. No matter how many times I write that, how many different wordings I choose, it still doesn’t fully convey what I mean to say.


Think of what our ancestors, the people of times long gone, lived through. They lived through war, famine, sickness, misery. And still, they also saw joy. They still saw love, and hope. They persevered.

So will we.

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