On a Bus – A Memory

I was just a kid on a bus.

There were people around, parents pushing strollers,  children on their way to school, old men with caps.The doors screeched and the enjin growled.

I didn’t care. My mind was elsewhere, searching and asking.

“How? How can I…?”

The answer came booming out of nowhere. A soundless voice, strong yet soft as a whisper. Authoritative but not demanding, flooding me with sudden understanding.

Full awareness, it told me. Complete and utter awareness is the key. To reaching the next level. To ascending. To becoming more.

I was just a kid on a bus.

The answer, that answer, made me cry.

Full awareness, I could never do it. My mind was full of dreams and imagination, would I have to give that up? Daydreaming was what got me through the day, how could I swap that for full awareness of the mundane world around?

So the kid on the bus cried, and shook her head. She couldn’t do it.

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