Words and Meaning

Divine inspiration some would call it. Or simply an active imagination. All I know is I cherish the moments of insight when I come to realize what I hadn’t before even thought to ponder. When answers to questions I have yet to ask pour into my mind. Like visions but with less dramatics – I just know.

As I sat on the train to Stockholm this morning, I grasped a pen and wished for words. What came was a spell, or a prayer depending on how one would see it. The words are all mine, formed by my lips and my fingers. But its meaning? I didn’t know until afterwards, when I looked at the written words and just knew.

Now I am at ease, calmly resting in that sense of understanding. Now I feel right.

2 thoughts on “Words and Meaning

  1. If I have a religion, it is this. It feels weird to write it — maybe even a little wrong, as if it is a secret not meant to be shared — but the muse is real.

    My pursuit of inspiration is motivated primarily by having tasted it once. It is like having been kissed by your true love, but your true love is a fickle being who will not ever be entirely yours. So you spend your life in courtship, giddy with joy when the muse’s favour shines on you and the words come easily, listless and morose when its attentions are elsewhere.

    When you know to look for it, you can see references to it in many works. Walter Moer’s “The City of Dreaming Books”, itself largely a tale of finding one’s muse, presents it more concretely than any other book. If you believe in the muse, if it has spoken to you, I warmly suggest reading this book.

    Personally, I have felt my nearness to the muse ebb and flow a number of times during the last few years, but what really makes me believe is the time it touched me directly. I can’t seem to describe it well enough not to use the backspace button, so I’ll leave it here except to say that the experience was profound.

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    1. Profound – that’s the word isn’t it? It’s hard to explain. Words don’t cover it, it has to be experienced. Which to one who doesn’t feel it must sound like complete bullshit. 😀

      Thank you for stopping by!


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