Woes of Waiting (IVF in progress)

Why oh why does pretty much every early symptom of pregnancy have to likewise be a symptom of an incoming period? This uncertainty is hell!


It is six days since I got the little blastocyst, the embryo-to-be, put back inside me. If it didn’t work I should be having my period any time now. The clinic has told us to wait almost two weeks longer before testing, so as a good girl I wait.


My tummy hurts. Not a lot, just a bit. Incoming period cramps, it feels like. But it can just as well be an early sign of pregnancy. Still no blood but every five minutes I feel the urge to go to the bathroom, just to check. I am bloated and sore, but again – it can both be a symptom of pregnancy or an incoming period. My mood is completely bonkers and I just want to cry, but that’s probably just due to the stressful situation, the waiting and constant worrying.


This uncertain waiting is far worse than I imagined.


*deep breaths*


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