For two days now a blackbird has caught my eye. Not accidentally, I assure you, it has quite worked for that attention. Hopping around on the roof, flapping around the windows, sitting on the window cross, knocking on the window and peering inside. It’s a female, dark brown in colour, big and healthy looking.

For two days now I have also been overwhelmed by pregnancy symptoms. Mild belly ache, constantly queasy, I am bloated and having zero urge to eat. That last bit might not sound like much but to me it is a huge deal. I have an eating addiction and normally I always want to eat. It’s no exaggeration, I always want to eat and every moment that I don’t is the result of a conscious effort to stop myself. But not now, amazingly.

It could all just be side effects of the hormone treatment, so I still mustn’t get my hopes up. Which is easier said than done, I assure you.

Let’s hope the blackbird is a bringer of good news.

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