Online Recipe Error – Nutmeg

A soothing tea, the recipe was for. With a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. It seemed lovely!

Two tablespoons of nutmeg.


The site didn’t have a comment section and I was left frustrated, unable to protest. So here I am, commenting to you guys instead.


If your recipe tells you to add two tablespoons of nutmeg, it is WRONG. Do not add that much nutmeg to anything you’re about to eat! 


It’ll get you sick. Take enough and you might actually die. If you are lucky you’ll “just” get high, but heck not even recreational drug users usually recommend it because of how terribly sick it tends to make you.



One thought on “Online Recipe Error – Nutmeg

  1. I second that! I had a friend, a roommate actually, who read about nutmeg and what it did for altering consciousness and decided to….experiment. But just as you alluded to, it’s possible to die from it. My roommate described how he felt after grinding and consuming two nutmegs. He had the feeling like he might die. He didn’t die, lucky experimenter that he was, and now it’s no more than a sprinklefor our little scientist friend. Don’t mess with the ‘meg! Lol!

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