Acquiring a knife

I have known for several years that I have wanted to get a knife. A ritual knife, to be exact. Oh, and if you just stumbled onto this blog without knowing anything about me, let me just calm any potential concerns with a clarification. The knife is absolutely not for harming or threatening people or animals. I have wanted one for ritual use, that is mostly symbolic, and potentially practical use in the sense of perhaps cutting herbs. Nothing sinister, don’t you worry.

With that said, back on track! I’ve wanted a knife. I know a lot of pagans use ritual blades that are purely symbolic, that don’t actually have a sharp edge, but this never felt right for me; I wanted one that was real. And I wanted one that felt just right, picked out by me and used only by me. Not a regular family tool but my own blade.

A couple of weeks ago I finally found what I had been looking for all these years. It was instant love.  I mean, look at it! (I ordered it from BlackBeardShop on etsy, if you are curious you should definitely go check them out. )



I ordered another type of knife for my darling husband, but since that’s his alone I’ll not be showing off those pictures here. But if you are curious, check the one called Kingsman in the BlackBeardShop.


So, now I have my knife. Finally! I could not be happier with it. I just wanted to share that with you all, there’s really nothing more to say at the moment. So for now, toodles!

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