So apparently

So apparently I am a racist. I stand for everyone’s equal value regardless of skin colour. I don’t give a fuck if you are black or white, we are all just humans, and I do not believe the gods judge you differently because of your race. That’s the gist of what I said in a recent blog post, written with the sole purpose of declaring my anti-racist stance.

Now someone calling themselves a militant negro has picked up that blog post and pointed me out as a racist, because of what I wrote. Apparently not differentiating between black and white means I disrespect him. He assumes me to be a caucasian male (which I’m not) and has gone on to publically display my email adress and IP adress.

Have I been transported to a weird parallel dimension, where racism means that you DON’T discriminate/judge a person for the colour of their skin?

Stupidly, I tried to explain myself to this person, but he is twisting every word I say and simply assuming that I’m a racist. Because I… don’t judge a person for their skin colour. Yeah. That makes sense

2 thoughts on “So apparently

  1. You did not differentiate between black and white? So now you are racist and a Caucasian male? You are not the one who is racist. He is! Obviously he has not read your previous blog posts about IVF where it is clearly indicated you are a woman. He is at a lower vibrational frequency, which has nothing to do with race or gender. Ignore him and do not interact. Keep your frequency up and he will have to leave your life because vibrations must match.


  2. You may not be comfortable to say, but you may know that the fact is this person/s, militant negro, is/are harassing you. It has nothing or very little to do with what you wrote, except they picked you as an accessible object. I’m sorry this happened to you! They have no right!


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