Here Comes the Night

At some point in my younger teens I got a cd with music by Pugh Rogefeldt. I fell in love with it almost instantly, a listened to it constantly for I don’t know how long! One of the songs I loved dearly was Här kommer natten (“here comes the night”). I must admit, I never really listened much to the lyrics back then, perhaps I was just too young to care?

This morning at around 3:30 when I couldn’t sleep I went up and turned on my PC. I took a stroll to youtube and came across Miss Li‘s version of the song. I clicked play, and listened. And completely lost my mind. Not only did it bring back the old appreciation of the song, it made me see it in a completely new light.


Go on, listen to it! Youtube it, listen to both the original and Miss Li’s version.

And, if you happen to be of the old norse faith… Send a thought to the Nótt, the goddess of Night. If you understand Swedish, listen to the lyrics and think about it. There’s a lot more to it than I ever grasped back as a teenager.

Go on, listen to it!

Creative urges. And mead!

The New Year has started with a surge of creativity. My mind is bubbling with words that want out. Images too. And, unusually, music.

I’m no musician, no songwriter. But suddenly I have the urge to turn words into music, I hear the beat of a drum deep within, the thud of stomping feet, honest words sung by a sweet, haunting voice.

Perhaps it’s possible, we shall see. Late night hours have resulted in a song to Odin, and I am now looking at the potential of actually turning it into music together with a dear friend. More than that I don’t want to say yet though, time will tell how it all goes.



On another note, I realized there was a post I forgot to put up here. Almost a month ago we bottled our latest batch of mead and I was meaning to post a picture of the result! How in the world did I forget to do so?


The batch, which we named Agnes, turned out just lovely. It’s a little fizzy and sweet, though not too much. Nothing fancy or special this time, it’s just plain old mead from the same yeast culture we have been using for years now.

What’s new is that we finally decided to start keeping more detailed records over our brewing. Where before we have just been doing, we now do AND make a record of it in our pretty little mead book. With a bit of luck we’ll be able to figure out what exactly it is we’ve done right when the result is better, and what we’ve done wrong when it’s not as good…