For a friend

A few months ago I happened to find myself in the hometown of a friend of mine, the lovely and talented Merrigan.  (She makes awesome music btw, click the link if you’re curious! )While we have known each other for years, through this marvelous thing called the internet, we had never actually met before. But suddenly, there I was, in her town! Of course I couldn’t resist sending her a message.

Guess where I am! Your hometown!


😀 I am currently in a hotel room SOMEWHERE



Of course we had to meet. She hurried across town to my hotel, and off we went to a nearby pub for a couple of hours of intense chatter. Unsurprisingly, I liked her just as much in person as I had done online!

Now, yesterday I got the urge to draw her. Merrigan has a very distinct and special look, and I wanted to see if I could do something fun with it. And here’s the (watermarked) result!



Seeing how I did promise to share some more of my art, I figured I’d show you. It ought to be cleaned up a bit more, there are plenty of lines that need to be refined, but for now… I quite like it!



Just a memory #MeToo

I was 21, a student of archaeology and happy to have landed a summer job on a remote part of northern Norway. The journey north was long and arduous, as I was on my own hauling a massive amount of luggage – as much as I could possibly carry. Not for personal use, it was for work.

I came to a harbour, I don’t recall where, in the pouring rain. A ferry was scheduled to come by a couple of hours later, that was the last part of my journey. The harbour was large and empty, situated away from the town. There was a small building there, a hut for travellers to wait in. I dragged all my bags in and sat down to wait.

A middle aged man was there as I arrived. He greeted me in the thickest northern Norwegian accent I have never heard, and I responded politely. The man kept talking, I barely understood and I had no interest in chatting with this rather unsavory looking person, so I tried to signal disinterest by picking up a book and quietly starting to read.

The man kept talking to me. My replies were still polite, but short as to not encourage further conversation. Not that he cared if I was interested or not.

He started asking me something, it was hard to make out what – his accent was just a garbled mess. He wanted me to do something, but I couldn’t understand what. He walked over to where I was sitting, came to look down on me, and repeated the request over and over. I stared down into my book and tried to ignore him. In the corner of my eye I saw him stick a hand into his trousers.

He started to jerk off, right there, with his groin next to my face.

I stared at my book.

The moment he backed away a bit I stood up, grabbed my many bags, and hurried outside. The rain was still pouring down but that mattered little. I sat down on a bench, within seconds freezing cold and soaked through by the rain, and with shaking hands grabbed my phone. For some odd reason I didn’t even think to call the police, no. I called my boyfriend, now my husband, and asked him to please just be with me on the phone for a while, as a safety precaution.

I sat in the heavy cold rain for two hours until the ferry came. The disgusting man in the building behind I never saw again.

Afterwards a load of good options were obvious. I should have called the police. I should have punched the bastard in the balls when he started masturbating. I should have, I should have, I should have. But I couldn’t. At the very moment it was happening, I couldn’t. There was only one thought running through me – don’t provoke him. Ignore. Be boring. Don’t provoke potential violence. He might have a knife, he might be violent, who knows? Stay still, don’t look. We were alone in the middle of nowhere, if something serious were to happen I’d be completely lost. So I stayed motionless.


I was lucky, he didn’t actually touch me. Nonetheless the memory still has a nauseatingly sharp burn. And you know what? I feel ashamed. So many women have suffered far worse, and here I am crying about a man who didn’t even touch me. I am ashamed that I couldn’t just handle the situation better, that I just sat there like a dumb fool and waited for it to end. I am ashamed that I didn’t even think to call the police.


There are no good words to end this post with, so I’ll just stop.

Fuck or Perish

Once upon a time I worked alongside a rather odd young man. Modern civilization was on the brink of a major breakdown, he said. All would be lost, all would die – apart from the lucky few who had learned to embrace a paleolithic way of life. Stone tools was the future, I had to get in with the program or perish!

If I was lucky, he said, I might be allowed a spot in his harem. For of course, he was going to become a great chieftan, with a whole flock of women enjoying his ‘protection’. All I had to do was bend to his will, and of course – have sex with him. Gracious offer, huh?

Needless to say, I declined.

#RandomMemory #worstpickuplinesever #Thanksbutnothanks

Advertising vs honestly recommending stuff

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a company willing to pay me a bit to advertise their online services here on this blog. That had never happened before, so I was a bit stunned! And flattered, of course! Tempted to say yes, sure! Money is nice, right? And again, it was very flattering.

Now, I haven’t accepted. And I probably won’t. Because in the end I figured… I have no frakking idea if they are worth endorsing or not. They are aimed particularly at people with mental health issues, and while they might be just lovely I don’t know that. How can I tell followers of mine to spend money on something that might be crap? Or worse, might potentially make those mental health issues worse?

So here I am, not advertising them. Instead, I’m going to share with you some of the items we have bought this summer (more specifically, in Visby during Medieval Week). Not because anyone is paying me to advertise for them, but because I personally found these things bloody awesome and the small scale crafters/musicians making them deserve the praise.




I am still looking for info on some of these and so will have to add more later, but here’s what I can say right away:

Idisi, awesome medieval fusion band from Moscow  – that’s the cd you see there.  We saw them perform at the market, and aaaah yes. So good. Would definitely have gone on to see their concert later that night if it wasn’t for the fact that we by then had left the island.

Historiska Fynd  – see the bronze pieces? The spear pendant, the Fenrir pendant, and the two little ‘thingies’ that will go onto a belt. Based on archaeological finds. Absolutely fabulous, I get pretty much all my bronze stuff from this guy.

Mariefred Pottery made those ridiculously pretty blue-brown jugs-and-little-flask. Oh and I gotta say, you can fit an entire bottle of wine in one of those jugs, they’re brilliant. – The fabulous wool fabrics you see there are from these guys. I stood forever unable to decide between the blue and the green, so I ended up getting both.

Tallgårdens Krukmakeri – See the blue-ish mugs? Gorgeous. We’ve bought things from this place pretty much every year in Visby, it’s such a talented crafts(wo)man!

Gott från Idholmen – That jam you see there is just mouth wateringly good. I wish I bought more.


Still looking for the correct links to the rest of the stuff seen in the pictures, so I’ll have to get back to you on those.


But there you are! Stuff! Actual awesome stuff that I honestly can recommend!


Home Again

Home again! Back from my weekend visit to the Netherlands and my dear friends J & J. I have seen windmills (from the bus/train, that still counts!). I have eaten unholy amounts of stroopwafels. I have been to Efteling and conquered my fear of rollercoasters. I have made friends with a funny cat named Bob, a cute kitten named Missy, and a sweet little dog named… Putzi? I think that’s how it’s spelled, yes.


I can also proudly say I have experienced Dutch summer weather with pressing heat and lots of rain. And! I was going to experience a Sex Museum, but… I got sick. So I ended up spending the last day in bed, coughing and sniveling. Ouff. Oh well, the Sex museum will have to wait until next time.


So, I am back!


Online Recipe Error – Nutmeg

A soothing tea, the recipe was for. With a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. It seemed lovely!

Two tablespoons of nutmeg.


The site didn’t have a comment section and I was left frustrated, unable to protest. So here I am, commenting to you guys instead.


If your recipe tells you to add two tablespoons of nutmeg, it is WRONG. Do not add that much nutmeg to anything you’re about to eat! 


It’ll get you sick. Take enough and you might actually die. If you are lucky you’ll “just” get high, but heck not even recreational drug users usually recommend it because of how terribly sick it tends to make you.