Online Recipe Error – Nutmeg

A soothing tea, the recipe was for. With a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. It seemed lovely!

Two tablespoons of nutmeg.


The site didn’t have a comment section and I was left frustrated, unable to protest. So here I am, commenting to you guys instead.


If your recipe tells you to add two tablespoons of nutmeg, it is WRONG. Do not add that much nutmeg to anything you’re about to eat! 


It’ll get you sick. Take enough and you might actually die. If you are lucky you’ll “just” get high, but heck not even recreational drug users usually recommend it because of how terribly sick it tends to make you.



RIP Hans Rosling

Click for youtube linky!

Rosling has passed away. I am sad now. Now more than ever could the world use his clear sight and love of facts.

I am lucky to have seen him live, some fifteen years ago when amazingly he came to my high school and gave a lecture to us International Baccalaureate students. Such a great speaker he was! I wish everyone could experience seeing him live, youtube videos are good but it can hardly compare to the real thing.

Hans, you will be missed by many!


On a Bus – A Memory

I was just a kid on a bus.

There were people around, parents pushing strollers,  children on their way to school, old men with caps.The doors screeched and the enjin growled.

I didn’t care. My mind was elsewhere, searching and asking.

“How? How can I…?”

The answer came booming out of nowhere. A soundless voice, strong yet soft as a whisper. Authoritative but not demanding, flooding me with sudden understanding.

Full awareness, it told me. Complete and utter awareness is the key. To reaching the next level. To ascending. To becoming more.

I was just a kid on a bus.

The answer, that answer, made me cry.

Full awareness, I could never do it. My mind was full of dreams and imagination, would I have to give that up? Daydreaming was what got me through the day, how could I swap that for full awareness of the mundane world around?

So the kid on the bus cried, and shook her head. She couldn’t do it.

The Year to Come

The year 2016 is almost over, and 2017 is just around the corner.

It has been a year of change on several levels, from the personal to the international.

I have grown in more ways than one – though also in the less desired way.

A year ago I thought that 2016, this would finally be the year of getting pregnant.

A year ago I thought I’d never manage to get back to full time work.

And now? Full time work, by the skin of my teeth but still, I manage.

Still no pregnancy.


It has been a year of learning.

Of searching and finding.

Of understanding.

A good year.


It has been a year of loss as well,

loss of guiding stars and memorable voices.

“Imagine,” people said laughing, “if next year

the UK will leave the EU and Trump will be the next

president of the US!”




So that happened.


As 2017 looms near I dearly hope to be

wrong of what’s to come.

It is strange.

Though I suspect 2017 might be

a bad year,

a year of death, war, and pain,

I am not afraid.