Yozusk Division

A friend gave me a challenge. Draw a Harrower! he said. Draw the Yozusk Division’s Harrower!

Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret. I have never tried to draw a spaceship (and with “never” I of course mean “not since I was a 6 year old playing with crayons”). Or even a regular ship. Not even airplanes or cars. Vehicles just are not my thing, I find them utterly boring. Which meant that this challenge really was a challenge! I spent forever just staring at the blank document, having no clue what to do.

As inspiration finally turned up however, I ended up having a whole lot of fun with it. And in the end, the only part I am not pleased with is the lettering. Looks like I got something else to practice there, huh?



Yet another SWTOR character!

Another RP character from SWTOR. Old man Thanamon! Took me longer than usual to get done, this was a tricky one. I’m not entirely pleased but hey. Practice is practice!




(As usual I show you a watermarked version. If you see this uploaded anywhere with the my symbol still smacked onto the lower left corner, the image is being used without my permission!)


A Cathar!

To carry on with the SWTOR theme, here’s another roleplay character I just finished drawing today. This time the Cathar named Lana’ina! Yes, she’s topless. *gasp* Furry tits!




(As usual, the watermark thingy in the lower left corner is NOT part of the final version. If you see this used with that thingy still on, it’s been snatched without my permission. Hope you like it though!)

And then a Harpul!

I continue my quest to learn how to properly draw men! Here’s my latest, like the last one it is a friend’s RP character from swtor. I think I made some progress… but I still need to work on getting the likeness right, or more right at least. But improvement is improvement, so I’ll take it!


(Watermark thingy in the top right corner isn’t on the final version. If you see this posted somewhere with that mark still on, it’s being used without my permission.)

For another friend!

I need to practice drawing men. I’ve known that for a while now, and so yesterday I tried my hand at drawing a friend’s roleplay character, Admiral Karr from swtor. As I didn’t have any decent reference material I didn’t quite get the uniform right, and the face is a little less like the original than I’d like it to be, but nonetheless I am quite happy with it. Here’s a watermarked version!



For a friend

A few months ago I happened to find myself in the hometown of a friend of mine, the lovely and talented Merrigan.  (She makes awesome music btw, click the link if you’re curious! )While we have known each other for years, through this marvelous thing called the internet, we had never actually met before. But suddenly, there I was, in her town! Of course I couldn’t resist sending her a message.

Guess where I am! Your hometown!


😀 I am currently in a hotel room SOMEWHERE



Of course we had to meet. She hurried across town to my hotel, and off we went to a nearby pub for a couple of hours of intense chatter. Unsurprisingly, I liked her just as much in person as I had done online!

Now, yesterday I got the urge to draw her. Merrigan has a very distinct and special look, and I wanted to see if I could do something fun with it. And here’s the (watermarked) result!



Seeing how I did promise to share some more of my art, I figured I’d show you. It ought to be cleaned up a bit more, there are plenty of lines that need to be refined, but for now… I quite like it!



Art of mine

Guess what I did throughout my hospital stay? I painted almost constantly, only stopping to charge the laptop (cords weren’t allowed in the ward, d’oh). After some consideration I decided to show the result to you – though at the last minute I slapped a freshly designed watermark on it.  It should perhaps cover even more but goshdamnit, you wouldn’t see much of what I’m trying to show you then!

This is Dam, made this weekend.



And here is Emperess, the first piece I drew once back home from the hospital.



PLEASE don’t upload anywhere without my permission. But I hope you like them!


As dark as the last few months have been, one thing I must admit has been amazing. In the span of a few weeks I apparently taught myself how draw! The development started happening when I set my mind to drawing the Gods I honour – pretty much from one day to another my technical skill just doubled then. Don’t ask me how, because I truly don’t know. Perhaps the will to show Them as good as I could manage pushed me to try harder. Regardless, I thank Them with all my heart for Their guidance. Now, I dare call my drawings “art”.

The Deity images? I’ll show you them another time! This will have to be enough for now.

Hugs to all of you who wrote me supportive comments during this trying weekend, you have no idea how much that meant to me. THANK YOU! ❤