Precious Lady


Heralding Her arrival, there came a single kitten.

Its dark grey, almost black fur, all unkempt and uneven.

Its bright eyes green and piercingly aware.

‘Look’, it seemed to say without a voice.

‘Look, for here She comes.’


And there She was.

In bird form She came,

a hunting bird with

feathers of gold and

a terrifying beak.


Before my eyes, bird-form fell and

She came forth.

Not in youthful splendor but

old and grey,

a wrinkled beauty with eyes of

clearest crystal.


So I saw Her.

Freya, most precious Lady.

May Her hall forever stand.



Home Again

Home again! Back from my weekend visit to the Netherlands and my dear friends J & J. I have seen windmills (from the bus/train, that still counts!). I have eaten unholy amounts of stroopwafels. I have been to Efteling and conquered my fear of rollercoasters. I have made friends with a funny cat named Bob, a cute kitten named Missy, and a sweet little dog named… Putzi? I think that’s how it’s spelled, yes.


I can also proudly say I have experienced Dutch summer weather with pressing heat and lots of rain. And! I was going to experience a Sex Museum, but… I got sick. So I ended up spending the last day in bed, coughing and sniveling. Ouff. Oh well, the Sex museum will have to wait until next time.


So, I am back!


Kosmos Cat (Dream)



“What is that? A cat?”

It was a cat, it had to be, but also it was not. A black long-haired creature with blue eyes. Those eyes… They shifted, changed size and form. A deep deep blue, glittering like a starry night, pulsated at its chest. 

“What shall we call it?”

Kosmos, we decided to call it Kosmos. 





I breathe.

In, out.

In, out.

Every breath lets me sink,

deeper into relaxation.

Deeper into myself.

Deeper into the Earth.

I breathe.

In, out.

In, out.

Every breath lets —


I tease my eyes open just a bit and come face to face with Caspar’s fluff and glimmering eyes.  Hrgnhg.

I breathe.

In, out.


Caspar licks my nose, it tickles.

Caspar bites my nose, eeeeeii!

I wrestle the furry monster down to lay by my side instead.

Starting over, eyes closed.


In, out.


Stretching and reaching, Caspar paws at my nose.

He likes my nose.



In, out.

A cat’s claw tickles my ear. Then my lip.

Then back to my nose.


Gods damnit, this isn’t working.

I give up on meditating and cuddle the cat instead.