And then a Harpul!

I continue my quest to learn how to properly draw men! Here’s my latest, like the last one it is a friend’s RP character from swtor. I think I made some progress… but I still need to work on getting the likeness right, or more right at least. But improvement is improvement, so I’ll take it!


(Watermark thingy in the top right corner isn’t on the final version. If you see this posted somewhere with that mark still on, it’s being used without my permission.)

For another friend!

I need to practice drawing men. I’ve known that for a while now, and so yesterday I tried my hand at drawing a friend’s roleplay character, Admiral Karr from swtor. As I didn’t have any decent reference material I didn’t quite get the uniform right, and the face is a little less like the original than I’d like it to be, but nonetheless I am quite happy with it. Here’s a watermarked version!



For a friend

A few months ago I happened to find myself in the hometown of a friend of mine, the lovely and talented Merrigan.  (She makes awesome music btw, click the link if you’re curious! )While we have known each other for years, through this marvelous thing called the internet, we had never actually met before. But suddenly, there I was, in her town! Of course I couldn’t resist sending her a message.

Guess where I am! Your hometown!


😀 I am currently in a hotel room SOMEWHERE



Of course we had to meet. She hurried across town to my hotel, and off we went to a nearby pub for a couple of hours of intense chatter. Unsurprisingly, I liked her just as much in person as I had done online!

Now, yesterday I got the urge to draw her. Merrigan has a very distinct and special look, and I wanted to see if I could do something fun with it. And here’s the (watermarked) result!



Seeing how I did promise to share some more of my art, I figured I’d show you. It ought to be cleaned up a bit more, there are plenty of lines that need to be refined, but for now… I quite like it!



Home Again

Home again! Back from my weekend visit to the Netherlands and my dear friends J & J. I have seen windmills (from the bus/train, that still counts!). I have eaten unholy amounts of stroopwafels. I have been to Efteling and conquered my fear of rollercoasters. I have made friends with a funny cat named Bob, a cute kitten named Missy, and a sweet little dog named… Putzi? I think that’s how it’s spelled, yes.


I can also proudly say I have experienced Dutch summer weather with pressing heat and lots of rain. And! I was going to experience a Sex Museum, but… I got sick. So I ended up spending the last day in bed, coughing and sniveling. Ouff. Oh well, the Sex museum will have to wait until next time.


So, I am back!



Everyone should have at least one friend,

and actual friend,

who will shake their head and say “No!”

“No, I don’t agree with that.”

“No, I don’t believe that.”

“No, you’re wrong, because — ”

Everyone should have a friend whose opinions and beliefs

differ from your own.

Even in matters that will shock you,

that will make you want to shout and snarl,

yes even the matters you are absolutely certain of.

Be grateful of those that challenge your views,

for through honest discussion will you understand

as much about yourself as about the other.

Be grateful of those that respect you enough to be honest,

even when you disagree.

Be grateful of those that can speak, and argue, and disagree,

and still remain a friend.