Poetic Ventures into the Weird

I find myself writing odd poetry. Heathen poetry with a sprinkle of spell work, in a style I have not touched before. It feels right. It feels like I don’t care if people understand it or not, weird or not it is just as it should be.




It’s an interesting feeling. When being able to let go of what is normal and ‘correct’, and instead finally coming to express raw meaning.


Yes, I like this.



It’s Spinning

Spinning, spinning, it’s spinning.



Try to step off the ride.

Try to not get caught in the spin.

When you run with the raging whirlwind

reality gets blurred and

even clear minds and good hearts

get caught in Twisted Visions.


Try to step outside.

It is the only way to see

what really is.


A Book

The book, yes that one there

with yellowing pages and rugged corners.

Pick it up, hold it.

Feel the cover beneath your finger tips.

Feel the lumps and bumps of time.

Feel it.


Open it up to the very first page,

see nothing

and nothing

and nothing.


At the bottom of the page

merely one word.



See the message repeat on page after page.

After a hundred and one pages,

will you understand?


The Year to Come

The year 2016 is almost over, and 2017 is just around the corner.

It has been a year of change on several levels, from the personal to the international.

I have grown in more ways than one – though also in the less desired way.

A year ago I thought that 2016, this would finally be the year of getting pregnant.

A year ago I thought I’d never manage to get back to full time work.

And now? Full time work, by the skin of my teeth but still, I manage.

Still no pregnancy.


It has been a year of learning.

Of searching and finding.

Of understanding.

A good year.


It has been a year of loss as well,

loss of guiding stars and memorable voices.

“Imagine,” people said laughing, “if next year

the UK will leave the EU and Trump will be the next

president of the US!”




So that happened.


As 2017 looms near I dearly hope to be

wrong of what’s to come.

It is strange.

Though I suspect 2017 might be

a bad year,

a year of death, war, and pain,

I am not afraid.